Floor Doctors' team professionals are available to perform routine yearly maintenance, tile cleaning services and grout cleaning. Our cleaning and restoration services include floors, showers, countertops, driveways, patios, and more.

As a premier hard surface cleaning & restoration company, Floor Doctors can help with any kind of tile problems and offer plenty of hard surface cleaning solutions. Our craftsmen provide both residential and commercial services, addressing eroded grout, faded countertops, and dirty caulk.

Which Problem Do You Have?


Dirty Grout- Grout becomes dirty over time when exposed to dirt, stains, and chemicals. Our grout cleaning service will restore dirty grout close to its original condition.

Mildew- Mildew happens when excess moisture builds up in areas it shouldn't, causing a black stain. This usually happens in corner grout joints and improperly installed tile & grout in wet areas such as showers.

Efflorescence- Efflorescence happens when excess moisture builds up and comes to the surface as white mineral deposits. This usually happens behind / underneath natural stone tile. Our tile cleaning service is able to get rid of or significantly reduce most efflorescence stains. Proper sealing is then recommended to prevent the re-appearance of efflorescence.

Eroded Grout- Eroded grout happens when grout is in bad shape. Sometimes this is due to old age, sometimes because of harsh chemicals being used to clean,  and other times because of improper grouting techniques. Regrouting is usually required to restore eroded grout.

Cracked Tile- Tiles can crack or become chipped over time for various reasons. We can fix small scratches, cracks, and chips in tile with our tile repair service.

Cracked Caulk- Caulk cracks when it contains acrylic or too thin a bead of silicone caulk is applied. The only way to repair cracking caulk is to recaulk the areas.

Common Problems Resulting from a Poor Tile Installation 

  • Cracked tiles 
  • Uneven grout lines 
  • Eroded grout
  • Loose tile 
  • Water leaks 
  • Areas of floor collecting standing water
  • Hollow tile, which can result in cracks and tiles popping out 
  • Lippage- one tile higher or lower than the adjacent tile 
  • Unlevel top resulting in one section higher than another 
  • Use of the wrong caulking in areas of high moisture
  • Misalignment of edges 
  • Water-stained tile