For years, epoxy grout has been the standard for commercial applications and it's popularity is spreading to homes as well. Our epoxy grout is completely non-porous, 100% waterproof, and doesn't need to be sealed. 

Epoxy Grouting / Regrouting in Seattle

Unlike cement grout, which is made from a cementitious powder mix, epoxy grout is made from epoxy resins and a filler powder. The grout is extremely durable and almost completely stain-proof. Regular grout isn't waterproof, so unlike epoxy grout, it can absorb water when it's wet. 95% of installations are done with regular sanded or non sanded grout and NOT epoxy grout. We can safely remove all of your shower floor grout and apply an epoxy grout that will give you a lifetime of a stain free shower. Once cured (at about 5 days) you can easily clean your new grout with a simple bleach and water solution that will remove any TOPICAL mildew over time. Floor Doctors uses a true 3 part epoxy grout and not a pre-mixed or urethane grout.

It is ideal for floors and walls in high traffic areas, kitchens and bathrooms, pools, as well as hygiene-sensitive environments like hospitals, as it doesn’t allow mildew to grow, repels oil stains, and does not get affected by chemicals found in shampoos and conditioners. Being so stain proof, it doesn’t require heavy duty scrubbing or cleaning like regular grout does either. Cleaning of Epoxy Grout just needs dissolving and subsequent removing of grime and dirt that gets collected atop of the Epoxy Grout.  Another distinct advantage of Epoxy Grout is that unlike any normal grout, it needs no sealing because Epoxy is not porous like normal cement-based grout.

Not all epoxy grouts are the same and definitely not a “one type suits all”. We only install the highest quality epoxy grouts in both commercial and domestic applications. Years of experience and extensive training has enabled us to master the trade of epoxy grouting. Today’s market offers quite a few different types of epoxy grout, we do not use or recommend the ‘cheaper’ types. Our epoxy products are not cheap, but they are of the highest quality available and just like with anything else, you get what you pay for.

Epoxy Grout is more difficult to install than regular grout and it does require experienced specialists like our technicians. More labor is required and speed is very important as it dries quickly and is extremely difficult to remove. Also, unglazed and porous tiles aren’t compatible with epoxy, as there are high chances for epoxy grout to stain those surfaces badly. So those stone floors you paid so much for will have to be secured by cement grout and cleaned regularly. If you’re not sure if your tiling is porous or not, behold another great reason to contact us. Overall, there is a lot more work involved, however the benefits are worth it;


Why We Love Epoxy Grout

  • 100% non-porous & waterproof
  • Repels most chemicals and acids
  • Extremely difficult to stain
  • Does not require sealing
  • Dust-free
  • Uniform color—no blotchiness or shading
  • Easy to maintain, cleanable to the original color
  • Meets performance requirements of ANSI A118.3
  • Effective for both interior & exterior applications.
  • Can be installed on floors and walls without sagging
  • Ideal for installations at wide temperature ranges
  • Does not shrink, chip or crack.
  • Outperforms cement-based grout



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