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Paver Cleaning & Sealing

Floor Doctors offers paver cleaning and sealing services for stone, brick, & concrete pavers. We also provide the option of having sand re-applied to the grout joints for added stability.

Paver Cleaning & Sealing in Seattle

At Floor Doctors, we have perfected the most cost-effective and efficient way to restore and maintain your pavers to ensure vibrancy, stability and longevity of your investment with our three stage restoration system. Unlike generic pressure washing companies, we offer a full-service restoration solution to clean, seal and maintain your pavers from your driveway, patio, pool deck and walkways.

Floor Doctors is one of the best “paver sealing” and cleaning service companies. We offer a wide variety of “paver cleaning” and restoration services including paver stripping, paver restoration, re-sanding paver joints, repair, brick paver sealing, concrete paver sealing, and driveway “paver sealing”.

We offer customized paver sealing solutions for every style paver. Sometimes the condition of the paver will dictate the solution needed. Problems with pavers often occur because they are not properly maintained. Sometimes pavers are sold as “maintenance free” pavement; however, they do require maintenance, as do all outdoor surfaces subject to exposure to the elements.

Failure to replenish joint sand, seal the pavers, and stabilize the joints, will inevitably lead to bigger maintenance issues down the road such as settling, surface erosion, permanent staining, and fading/discoloration. This can result in needing paver restoration services that we provide. 

When properly cared for, pavers can add elegance to any home. However, when pavers are neglected, they can drag down the curb appeal and value of your entire property. One of the best ways to ensure lasting beauty and durability for your pavers is to invest in paver restoration.

Paver Cleaning

During stage one, we will pressure wash your pavers using the the best tools, equipment and pavers cleaning products available. Each cleaning agent we use are specifically designed for pavers and are formulated to clean and remove tough stains, efflorescence, white haze, dirt, oils, tire marks and more (results may vary depending on your pavers conditions). Most generic pressure washing companies are using hoses with jet style tips that leave streaks or trails overtop your pavers and distribute an incorrect amount of pressure, creating irreparable damage to your paver surface.

Paver Resanding

Stage two is the most crucial part of paver restoration as it promotes optimal stability throughout the entirety of your paver system. During this process, we refill all missing joint sand between each paver to ensure all gaps are eliminated and all joints are secure. Overtime, joint sand is tend to removed or washed away by natural elements such as wind, rain, water sprinkles and traffic. Joint Sand can also be removed when pavers have been pressure washed, leaving your pavers vulnerable to shifting after being cleaned. You must always be sure joint sand is refilled to keep your pavers in place and help to keep your pavers looking their best!

Paver Sealing

The final step and third stage of our cost-effective restoration system is sealing your pavers. Applying a protective, paver sealer to your driveway, patio, pool deck, and walkways not only enhances vibrancy of each paver stone, but you are also able to choose between a wide variety of sealer finishes such as natural, high-gloss, or low-gloss that help further accentuate the beauty of your home. Paver sealers also act as a protective layer overtop your pavers which help to repel water, dirt, oil and other impurities. This in turn makes routine cleaning and maintenance simple and easier than before. Simply blow away dirt and grime with a leaf blower or broom or even wash away with water. Sealing your pavers also helps to further bind your new joint sand together to create a beautiful and stable paver system.

  • If they are never sealed, you will lose the original finish and start to see exposed aggregate
  • Not sealing the pavers makes them harder to clean, and they will have to be cleaned more often
  • Sealing your pavers protects them from permanent stains such as oil, grease, wine, etc
  • Our sealing process stabilizes the joint sand and helps inhibit weed growth
  • Sealing your pavers takes away the “dry” faded look, and replaces it with an illustrious “Wet-Look” finish that enhances the colors

The most important thing to keep in mind when sealing your pavers is that if the job is done incorrectly, the cost to fix it is extremely high. This is why it’s important to make sure that the company you are hiring offers a warranty against the sealer failing. There are many reasons a sealer may fail. When a sealer begins to fail it will develop what’s called a “whiting issue”. To help you visualize just how unsightly a whiting issue actually is the picture below shows what sealed pavers should look like vs. what they can look like a paver sealer fails. The customer in the photo below went with a company that was half our price, but then ended up paying three times our original price to have us strip and reseal the pavers with a high-quality brick paver sealer.


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