Floor Doctors offers driveway cleaning services for concrete,  stone, and paver driveways. We clean driveways by pressure washing / soft washing. We also provide the option of having your driveway sealed.

Driveway Cleaning in Seattle

Your driveway is the road to your palace, so let us get it looking the part! Floor Doctors is your go to contractor for driveway cleaning, and our pros will have your driveway spotless! Being local to the area with years of experience pressure washing, Floor Doctors knows exactly what your exterior surfaces have to go through here. We offer the highest quality of service at reasonable rates, and when we do the job, we do it better than anyone!

Professional pressure washing is the best way to clean and protect your driveway without the risk of damage. DIY and novice pressure washers run the chance of chipping your driveway or blasting off weather sealant. The proper equipment and cleaning agents needed for perfect driveway cleaning are fundamental when it comes to doing the job right. Floor Doctors ensures premium service whenever it comes to your driveways.


Driveways are one of the first things that anyone will see or interact with on your property. Unfortunately, it's also one of the surface areas that are most prone to getting filthy. It's not hard to see why because driveways are magnets for:

  •  Vehicle Fluids
  •  Tire Marks
  •  Scuffs
  •  Mud
  •  Algae
  •  Pollen
  •  Dust
  •  Bird Droppings

And so on and so on! These substances can get baked in and leave nasty stains that, suffice to say, don't do your home's curb appeal any favors. These contaminants can also become slipping hazards. Professional pressure washing by Floor Doctors can eliminate all these eyesores and keep your driveway cleaner for longer.


A driveway that is soiled or dull in appearance can ruin the curb appeal of a home, no matter how clean your home is. Why? Simply put the driveway is the first thing visitors see when they approach your home. A dull, and dirty driveway not only detracts from the appearance of your home it is also unsanitary, while your driveway may look like it's covered in dirt it is more than likely mold and/or fungus that is growing on your driveway, which then hitch a ride into your home when you walk across your driveway!

Driveway cleaning by Floor Doctors will have your driveway looking palatial. Whether your driveway consists of pavers, concrete, or stone our team will give it a deep wash that will not only make it look great but protect it from chipping or cracking.

  • Concrete driveways
  • Paver driveways
  • Natural stone driveways
  • Brick driveways

Professional Driveway Washing Services

If you’re wondering about the benefits of regular driveway washing performed by trained pressure washing specialists, we’re happy to inform you about the various advantages associated with our driveway cleaning services. By washing and sealing your driveway with professional pressure washing and concrete sealing techniques, your driveway will experience limited weed growth, a pristine appearance, and an elimination of oil stains, mold, mildew, and moss.

We use a combination of biodegradable products and high powered rotating surface cleaners to make sure your concrete driveways and sidewalks look their best. Without the proper equipment and knowledge of driveway cleaning, spots and stains can be left behind and the concrete may even be damaged.

Additionally, washing your driveway is essential if you want to apply a driveway seal to increase its durability and longevity. Before your driveway is sealed, the layers of salt, dirt, oil, and debris must be removed. Contact the qualified team of pressure washing technicians at True Clean Power Wash & Seal if you want to schedule a driveway seal and cleaning for your Charlotte home.

Driveway Sealing Benefits

Hiring our pressure washing company to apply a driveway seal to your home’s driveway is recommended, especially if you’re already scheduling driveway washing services. Homeowners should strive to seal their driveways every 5 years, but the key sign that will indicate whether driveway sealing is necessary is cracking in the concrete surface.

To maintain the effectiveness of your driveway seal, you should keep your driveway clean by using a mild detergent and a brush to eliminate dirt regularly. A degreaser may be used for deep cleaning, but you should make sure that the products you select are for cleaning and not stripping concrete. Small cracks can turn into large ones quickly, so address this problem as soon as possible by contacting your pressure washing and concrete sealing specialists at Floor Doctors.

Preserve your driveway and maintain your home's curb appeal with Floor Doctors.


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