Floor Doctors offers brick floor cleaning and brick sealing services for your entire home.

Brick Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Over time, your home’s brick flooring can become dirty and have potentially harmful mold and algae buildup. To fix this issue, it’s essential to clean and seal your brick floors to protect your investment. Floor Doctors offers brick floor cleaning services to residential homeowners.

Soft washing is the most effective way to clean the exterior of your home and prevents permanent damage caused by high pressure.  With our formulated blend of ECO-friendly detergents, we can safely remove algae, mold, mildew, and other contaminants and give back your home the shine it deserves. The process is very safe as it uses low pressure, and no ladders are required! Please keep in mind that we do not wash roofs. We don’t climb on people’s houses or put ladders up against them in most cases. We do all our washing from the ground which is good for us, your house and your stress level. No one gets hurt and your house is not damaged!

Benefits of Getting Your Brick Floor Cleaned

While exterior cleaning services mainly keep grime from eating away at your house, there are plenty of benefits to having a freshly power-washed home. Some advantages include:

  • Looking newer: When your home is washed, it will look as close to new as it has in years. This feature increases your home’s curb appeal and property value, which is especially important if you’re planning on putting it on the market.
  • Attracting potential buyers: A clean home tells prospective buyers that you take care of your home and that they’ll have a solid foundation to build on. 

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