Tennis Court Installation

Tennis Court Construction

Custom tennis hard courts with the most advanced sports surfaces.

A tennis hard court is more than just a coating applied to an asphalt or concrete surface. At Floor Doctors, we design and install tennis courts built to professional standards with consistent texture, color, and speed of play indoors and outdoors. The right tennis court system can resist fading and withstand even intense UV rays while absorbing shock and reducing fatigue during play

Our tennis court builders use multi-layer acrylic tennis court systems that offer a durable and firm wearing surface ideal for occasional players as well as professionals. We serve tennis academies, schools, HOAs, sports facilities, and private homeowners with custom tennis court construction to fit your budget.

 We offer quality tennis court design and construction for commercial and residential hard courts

Whether you’re considering construction of a new facility or you’re redesigning your existing structure, Floor Doctors offers indoor tennis court construction backed by decades of experience. No matter the weather, an indoor tennis hard court offers a controlled environment for practice and competition. Contact Floor Doctors for a consultation as early in the planning of your facility as possible and we’ll recommend the most appropriate tennis hard court surface to fit your budget.
Floor Doctors has served clients throughout the Western U.S. with dependable outdoor tennis court construction, including planning, design, and building. We have installed outdoor tennis courts for all types of clients, including tennis academies, high schools, rec centers, club houses, and more. You can depend on Floor Doctors for high-quality asphalt or concrete tennis court construction with a range of surface options to support excellent playability and longevity.
In addition to serving commercial facilities, Trueline also offers residential tennis court construction. We build custom tennis court systems for any budget and property size with specialized tennis hard court systems that provide a low-maintenance and quality playing surface for years to come. Enjoy your own private professional-grade tennis court to play like a pro with an attractive surface that offers great grip in all conditions. Trueline also offers ball containment systems, nets, and other equipment.
Tennis hard court construction is a multi-stage process that begins with a consultation and careful design based on your site and the size of the court. After discussing your budget and needs, the site will need to be graded with a rock base and new asphalt or concrete surface installed if one isn’t already existing. Floor Doctors will work closely with you during the design and construction phase to ensure a structurally sound base for your new hard court.
If you have an existing concrete or asphalt surface, it will need to be repaired and prepped for a tennis court system such as SportMaster. This may involve leveling or filling low areas, repairing cracks, or resurfacing the asphalt or concrete. If the asphalt or concrete is flat and in good condition, we will help you choose the right tennis court system such as Laykold, Plexipave, or SportMaster to create a robust, playable surface that’s easy to maintain.
After the multi-layered tennis court system is applied, our tennis court painting contractors finish your hard court surface with crisp white playing lines installed to U.S. Tennis Association specifications. Floor Doctors can also install tennis equipment such as lighting, tennis court posts, rebounders, and nets for a hard court that’s ready for use.

Need a New Tennis Court?

Contact Floor Doctors to discuss the plans for your new commercial or residential tennis court. Our tennis court builders will answer any questions you have and help you get started!

Don’t trust your tennis court installation to just anyone.

A tennis hard court is a major investment whether it’s installed in a sports facility, school, or at a home. Our tennis court builders will help you understand your needs and design a new tennis court that exceeds your expectations with cushioned court systems and five-layer tennis courts that deliver unparalleled performance.

Tennis court construction is a much easier process than you think, especially with Floor Doctors. You’ll work with a single contact point who will help you design your tennis court and coordinate all the construction teams required to install it. Accessories such as perimeter fencing, lighting, tennis posts and nets can also be installed through Floor Doctors so we are your one stop shop! All you need to bring are the racquets and tennis balls!

Surface Options


The surface of a tennis court can seriously change the game. From how you move on the court, to how high and how fast the ball bounces all depend on the surface you choose. That’s why Floor Doctors offers a wide range of tennis court surface options.

We offer concrete, acrylic synthetic turf grass, as well as premium court tiles from VersaCourt. Click here to find out more about all the amazing tennis court surfaces we offer, along with some of their advantages.

Parks and Recreation, Commercial, and Educational Institutions

If you own a commercial property, or manage a public tennis court and are looking to complete a larger project, Floor Doctors is the perfect place for the job. We’re equipped to offer you professional installation at your sports complex, training facility, school, park or country club. All you have to do is contact us today and we can begin reviewing the project with you.

Whether you’re a residential owner or a commercial property manager, contact us at Floor Doctors to inquire further about our incredible tennis court surfaces and professional installation so you can be out there smashing serves and volleying drop shots in no time.

Play a doubles match with friends or neighbors and never pay a club guest fee again. Schedule your next match, rain or shine, because you know Floor Doctors tennis courts are safe for play with their self-draining design (no more squeegees or waiting for your court to dry). And don’t hesitate to take your playing game to the next level with the superior shock absorbing technology. Your joints will love you for it.

Floor Doctors Courts are customized to your specifications and have a two to three week lead time to manufacture.

Our team of in-house design engineers and landscape architects are well-versed in all aspects of consultations for sports construction and facility design.

We can even place your customized or team logo on a tennis court or basketball court to aesthetically enhance the surrounding areas.

Additionally, our experts specialize in the proper maintenance and resurfacing techniques that are essential to keeping your new tennis court looking great. We have successfully constructed many tennis courts for our customers, and guarantee the quality of our workmanship.

Tennis court construction and tennis court contractor in Florida, Miami

Key factors in the tennis court construction process:

If you take the time to properly plan out your brand-new court, it should have a long lifespan. It is optimal hire a professional to build it, and perform tennis court maintenance as needed. This guarantees you will have a safe, smooth tennis court surface that provides you with many years of game play.

  • Space required for a tennis court requires a minimum measurement of 60’ wide by 120’ long.  A standard tennis court dimensions are broken down into for singles play is 78′ x 27′, and 78′ x 36′ for doubles play. The location of the area of land where your tennis court will be built is a major factor in the prep and base cost.  If the land is relatively flat, it is a lot easier and less expensive for all of the pre-construction work to be done.
  • Orientation is ideal is a north to south direction to account for the sunrise in the morning, and setting in the late afternoon
  • Outdoor courts need a 1% slope to permit proper court drainage. It is imperative to consider the direction and ease in which water flows over, under, and around your court. Depending on the ease of flow, your court may require additional drain installation to facilitate the drainage process
  • Substrate should be constructed from either asphalt or concrete. If your court is constructed with an acrylic surface, it may take longer to construct if the climate conditions prove to be inclement. Rain will prolong the construction process, as it prevents an acrylic surface from drying in an expeditious manner. Also, if it is too hot or too cold, the surface will be slow to dry.
  • We also have options for tennis court nets, net posts, lighting, fencing, and awnings
  • Building permits may be required in your area, so it is mandatory to check your regions zoning codes

Tennis Court Resurfacing

A question that is prevalent among tennis court owners and homeowners who have tennis courts on their property is, “how frequently should the surface of a tennis court be resurfaced?” The standard time after which a tennis court demands resurfacing is from four to eight years. However, other factors help in determining the answer to this very question. The type of construction matters the most in this case. Improper slopes can cause water to accumulate on the surface in the form of puddles, breaking the acrylic surfacing system. Insufficient compaction makes a tennis court surface prone to deformation and cracking. Improperly constructed drainage system paves the way for premature surface wear.

If this is the case, you will have to get your tennis court resurfaced earlier than 4 or 8 years!

The cost of resurfacing.

Another important question that might be hovering above your head must be, “how much do I have to pay for resurfacing of my tennis court?” The cost varies within a range starting from $4000 and ending at $8000. Multiple factors contribute to the overall costs, and these again include the quality of construction of the court.

Please call us and let our certified, licensed contractors to create your tennis court, so you can keep on playing.

Tennis Court Surfacing options include:


Floor Doctors can remove dirt, grime, and stains from concrete. We use heavy-duty industrial cleaners and perform power washing—also known as pressure washing—that removes built-up dirt and debris from concrete floors, garage floors, and driveways. Best of all, the job will be handled by a professional who knows how to care for your concrete while making it clean.


Most people are surprised to learn that concrete is NOT a solid substance!  Concrete is actually a porous surface that is susceptible to permanent staining and chemical damage.

Concrete sealing eliminates this by creating a protective film barrier and making your concrete surface impenetrable to foreign substances.  Liquid spills and  grime can all be easily absorbed into the concrete, destroying the aesthetic beauty of your floor. Prevent this from happening by choosing a suitable Concrete Sealer and Qualified Applicator to apply the sealer to your floor, enhancing and protecting the concrete and giving your floor a stunning new look.


Most people are surprised to learn that concrete is NOT a solid substance!  Concrete is actually a porous surface that is susceptible to permanent staining and chemical damage.

Concrete sealing eliminates this by creating a protective film barrier and making your concrete surface impenetrable to foreign substances.  Liquid spills and  grime can all be easily absorbed into the concrete, destroying the aesthetic beauty of your floor. Prevent this from happening by choosing a suitable Concrete Sealer and Qualified Applicator to apply the sealer to your floor, enhancing and protecting the concrete and giving your floor a stunning new look.


Crack repair for saltillo floors.

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