Floor Doctors offers epoxy color sealing services for floors, showers, and countertops.

Epoxy Color Sealing

The Floor Doctors are your grout color sealing experts. Sometimes, grout joints become permanently stained and won’t clean-up to their original color. This is especially true for grout in rooms that have a lot of moisture, such as kitchen or bath areas. The Floor Doctors color sealer is an epoxy sealer solution which provides premium, long-term protection for floors in new homes, and completely transforms aged household floors. From stained and unattractive, to bright and beautiful in just 1 day – and an absolute dream to clean! The epoxy grout sealer forms a water-tight seal that covers all of the grout, creating a barrier that prevents stains and discoloration. This will protect your grout from dirt, mold, mildew, bacteria and water damage. We do not use the cheaper acrylic color seals that peel and flake over time, unlike our competitors. Residential or commercial, Floor Doctors technicians will assist with your grout coloring and sealing requests.

We deliver fantastic results to your heavily stained floor in family homes, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and aged care facilities. This is the perfect solution for any area with a persistent dirty grout problem, particularly if presentation and hygiene standards are of high importance. Our incredible color sealing service is the stand-out solution.


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