Our Installation Process

Our Process

Floor Doctors is a specialty contractor in Washington state, providing full-service installation and construction solutions for both public and private projects. Unlike other companies, our staff goes beyond project design and supply to offer a turnkey option to include installation and construction services to deliver a fully complete project from start to finish.

1. The Consultation & Site Analysis

The initial consultation is our first step in understanding style and vision for your site design, which is the genesis of forming your plan. First, we will determine the best location for the court according to your needs and identify the elements you would like to see in your new space.  This process allows us to properly place your components within the design.

Accessibility is another important concern. The American Disability Act (ADA) mandates that all new and modified public recreation areas must offer activities for use by children with disabilities. The accessibility requirements vary based on the size of your overall play area. At a minimum, you should consider providing an accessible path to the site using accessible surfacing, providing transfer points on your composite structures, and adding freestanding ground-level components. Please contact one of our trained professionals to guide you through this design process.

In this phase, a site inventory is conducted which includes on-site measurements and an analysis of existing site conditions. As the client, you should be able to supply a blueprint or survey of the site and other pertinent information related to the project. Along with your survey, it may also be required to establish site boundaries, grading points, and other data. Your area should be relatively flat with just enough slope to eliminate standing water. Remember, areas that hold water will increase your maintenance cost of your surfacing material and limit the amount of days you can play on it. Once these factors are identified, we examine your existing architecture to ensure continuity and flow.

Our Floor Doctors team is trained to help you assess your needs  and any site requirements. The assessment considers such factors as:

    • Your objectives for the new playground or spray park
    • Age and abilities of children
    • Capacity requirements
    • Amount of space (how large or small the park footprint will be)
    • On-site facilities, and other site requirements.
    • Your budget and any limitations

    After this assessment is completed, your Floor Doctors specialist can take your site planning to the next level.

2. The Concept Design

A conceptual design is then created by applying landscape design principles to the site analysis and your gathered ideas. We determine size, component options, color scheme, and line & logo design. When we design your site, we consider even the smallest details: How does location affect the traffic patterns in the intended area? How can we create a comfortable environment for the parents as well? Do our benches or picnic areas have sight lines to the play area for supervisors? The result is a scaled 3D drawing that shows existing structures along with new construction elements, appliances, and even site furnishings. Our design team works hard at creating the perfect environment before one shovel is inserted into the ground. This is when we start bringing your playground or court to life. Our design team is always ready for a challenge. After the preliminary design presentation, revisions to the design are made, if necessary, based on your feedback. Every project, large or small, is important to us, and we work hard to make sure that you are delighted with the end result.

3. The Cost of Your Project

Our estimators are at your service to determine the real cost of your entire project, so there are no hidden expenses. Estimates will include the equipment, freight, taxes, site preparation, surfacing, installation, and anything else that is involved in the completion of your project. All of our quotes are very specific to your site and project plans. There are many variables that affect how much it costs to build a recreational site: this can be anything from the equipment to other site amenities like surfacing, benches, shade structures, or sitting areas for parents. We will walk you through the details of your quote and review the next steps. Our team will then create a design that works with your site and budget. Make sure to determine what your budget covers. You should consider equipment cost, shipping, site preparation, safety surfacing, containment border material, and installation.

4. Scheduling

At this stage, we finalize and approve the proposal, design, and contract.  A contract for services will be signed, a 50% deposit is made to reserve your spot in our construction schedule, the building materials are ordered, delivery is scheduled, and we will break ground on your new project per the construction schedule. The remainder of the balance is due upon completion.


5. Site Preparation & Installation

Site prep is an important process that can affect your site for years to come. Once its time to do the physical work on-site, Floor Doctors erects barricades and caution tape, as required, to prevent inadvertent pedestrian traffic on the job site.   Floor Doctors can provide pricing and installation of all substrates, key-ways, curbing, compaction, grading and substrate drainage, upon request. We will first work with you to secure any necessary building permits. Contact your city or local locating service for determining the location of any water, sewer, electric, gas, cable TV or telephone lines. It is important to do this before we begin construction, as it can greatly affect the design and location of your recreational area. We will then clear vegetation, prepare the site base, determine drainage slope and direction, form, pour concrete, and set anchors or sleeves for poles. Floor Doctors offers a turnkey product + certified installation with licensed, bonded, and insured contractors.


6. Amenities & Accessories

Your new space will not be complete without adding the final touches. We offer a wide range of furniture options, decorations, and accessories to spice up any new or old space.


7. Clean Up

Upon completion of work, Floor Doctors will remove all tools, equipment, excess materials and debris from the site.


8. Certification & Reporting

We have certified inspectors doing inspections & site evaluations for safety issues and to make sure that each constructed site meets the required standards. Once the site inspection is completed, our inspectors issue you a detailed written evaluation, evaluating every aspect of the area. A final walkthrough will then be conducted to ensure your happiness with the end result. If the site has any anticipated hazard areas, our inspectors will explain the recommended measures to rectify the issues. All inspections are strictly confidential. Your satisfaction is backed by our warranty. The remainder of the balance is due upon completion of the project. The site is then ready for immediate use. Establish a maintenance plan and inspect your equipment regularly. The better care you take for your equipment, the longer your children can enjoy it!